Quemado Schools Athletics - Growing Strong Men and Women

One of the most important aspects of sport is how it teaches students resiliency by learning to both win and fall short in ways that produce positive outcomes. The importance of learning to win with class and lose with dignity cannot be overstated. Athletics play an important role in achieving our District Mission.

The benefits of High School Athletics is less about the specific skills learned while performing the sport, and more about the life skills learned during the experience. The process of disciplined preparation, learning to be a part of a team, and accomplishing difficult things builds character traits that produce positive results throughout a lifetime. Some examples are:

1. Discipline – The will to prepare and perform with precision.

2. Goal Setting – Learning how to set challenging yet attainable goals.

3. Perseverance – Abraham Lincoln once said, “I rarely go fast, but every step I take is forward.” Never give up. Never quit.

4. Growth Mindset – Realizing growth is a lifelong process and learning to be intentional in the pursuit of it.

5. Resiliency – Engaging in an intentional process of getting stronger…there are times in life when one must have the strength to stand alone for what is right.

6. Teamwork - Learning how to effectively work together to collectively accomplish something bigger than you could individually.

7. Leadership Skills – Being intentional about positively impacting others. Leading through example both on and off the court in all areas.

8. Physical Health – Learning a disciplined approach to staying active and healthy.

9. Hard Work – Learning the value found in hard work. Hard work pays off.

10. Time Management – Learning to manage the many things that demand time.

11. Responsibility and Accountability - Learning the value in taking on increasing responsibility and seeking out accountability in life.

Our athletics program is not just about competing; it is about building strong, capable individuals who carry these invaluable skills into every aspect of their lives. Join us in celebrating the power of sports in shaping the future of our students.

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